It’s taken all of 25 years but I finally joined a gym. Granted, I always go to the shop after to buy a crusty loaf and a packet of cookies but hey, if you know me, you know food is my life. In all seriousness, I did worry in school about where I’d be and what I'd be doing now. It took a few tries after graduating (thanks to the friends and family for sticking with me through that phase) but I finally found a job I love, bought a house with my partner Joel and we are getting married! I eat, sleep and dream weddings so I couldn’t be more excited for the future with the bestest friends, fiancé and family around me. Watch this space! 


At 30 I imagine I'll have quit the gym. Five years of exercise is something I can’t commit to... I think the bread and cookies will still be an important part of my life though if I know myself like I think I do. If I'm lucky, I'd like to do some more travelling, see some places outside of Europe and go on more girls holidays! If we're in a position to I would love to be in a place where me and Joel may be thinking about having a family of our own, too!